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tx750w Issues - Advice is much appreciated


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Oh god shoot me now.


I have had these parts for almost two weeks and still no working PC. When I received my parts I built the system carefully, figuring that since I have been doing this for 12 years off and on I should have no problem. But there are always problems it seems.


I assemble the system and hit the power, green light on mobo LED, fans spin up, all seems well. No system beep, no screen.


Long story short get replacement system speaker still no beep, in all cases I cannot shut down system without hitting the switch on PSU.


Test all memory in another system, tests OK.

Test graphics card in another system, tests OK.

Test monitors and cables on another system, tests OK

Try memory in all possible configuration in new system, no change.

Try no memory in new system, no beep.

Tried every slot for video card, no change.

Tried with mobo tray out of case, no change.

Tried with mobo on anti-static bag, no change.

I try both plugs on back fo card, in all above combos, no change.

I RMA the mobo and do all of this again, no change.


My hard drive spins up, I am able to open and close DVD drive, all fans and LEDs function.


I get a PSU tester with an LCD and try the PSU. It gives me a LL (LowLow) reading for +5V and the second 12V rail. I plug in a 6 pin PCI connector to the tester and the second 12V rail comes in fine. But tester is still alarming and shows no +5V.


Problem is I have tried 3 other system including two with known good PSUs and they all show nothing on the +5V reading. In fact I am using a computer now that the tester claims have no +5V.


In all cases the PG or time to power good is 0 and the alarm on the tester sounds.


So I am worried that that PSU is bad but I cannot seem to trust this new tester either as it shows the PSU I am using now in this very computer is itself bad.


Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas on what this could mean? I am pulling my hair out. Any help is much appreciated!




PS. all the other PSUs tested are 20 pin and obviously this one is 24. However the 20 pin PSUs should still register a +5v.

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