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Cosair vs BIOS


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I need help in determining how I can get all 4 sticks of 1GB memory to work.

(2) CMX1024-3200 v7.1, 0616170-1, 400mhz,

(2) CMX1024-3200C2PT v8.1, 07505070-0, 400mhz, CL2

Cannot get the C2PT sticks to work at all either alone or with the first 2. PC will not even boot.

I have a ASUS A8N-SLI Premium, AMD 3800+x2 64, NVIDIA 8600GT


Is there something I need to do in BIOS or with the processor, or are these 2 brands of Corsair not compatible? Running BIOS defaults across the board.

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