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Is it bootable?


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I can boot Mac OS X 10.5.1 from my Corsair Voyager 16 GB flash drive onto a MacBook and an Intel iMac. Install the OS on the flash drive as if it were an external hard drive. I use the optional install to prevent the loading of printer drivers or other languages to save space. Then install the Apple system updates. I have it up to OS 10.5.1 at the moment. You can use "Monolingual" to remove other language files to save more space. I can load the free NeoOffice office suite of programs and disk utilities to fix hard drive problems. The office suite can be used to edit files even if your hard drive has died. This is good to have as a backup while traveling. Even on my 16 GB flash drive, I have over 7 GB of space left. To use this flash drive as a boot drive to check and repair hard drives, disable "Spotlight" using either "Terminal" commands or use the "Spotless" program. Otherwise, the Spotlight function on the flash boot drive will prevent the unmounting of the hard drive.
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