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Corsair 450W with q6600 x1950xt 256 ???


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I've recently bought Corsair VX450W, in the meantime i got a good deal on x1950XT 256mb (it's still on the way).


I've looked at my current rig Q6600 + Ga 35C-ds3r + x1950XT 256 and I'm not sure if my 450W is just enough???

If yes is there any chance for OC?


According to this article http://www.hothardware.com/printarticle.aspx?articleid=1015

The answer would be yes, but right now I'm just confused.


I still can replace it with 550W but I only got 4 days to do that costless (I'd only pay for transport).


Please Help:[pouts:


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Some thoughts on max power consumption under torture load conditions:


1) An o/c'ed Q6600 w/ 1.45V @ 3.6GHz could consume 180-200W.


2) The X1900XT is only going to consume around 110W, but no more than 150W since it only has a single PCIe connector.


The VX450 will power your rig, especially since you only have a couple of drives. It's rated to do full power output 24/7 @ 50C and has a single 33A 12V rail. However I'd personally want a little more headroom so that you don't load up the psu (less stress, less heat, plus the fan stays quiet) and for future expansion.

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Yesterday I did some thorough research on Amperage and Watt consumption myself and the results were quite reassuring:):


I'm not planning to expand my setup since the most important thing I'm going to do on it is making music (and some gaming) :p:


I think I'm going to stay with my 450W (unless it's going to be the wizzing-tic-ticking case :)


Thanks for a quick reply


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