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Good afternoon!


First, I'm sorry about my english. I'm brazilian and I never study It.


I've a Flash voyager (CMFUSB2.0-4GB) and everything works fine until today. I needed to use a cybercafe to send a file and receive another. Until then, my flash drive do not open with autorun ("Open USB Device" is showed).


When I open it, the label of flash drive is not corsair anymore (is "Open USB Device") and a error message is showed "cannot open file "C:\windows\infver.txt". O sistema não pode encontrar o arquivo especificado." (half portuguese means "the system can't find the file specified". These error is showed in fell computers, others like mine no.


And when I will close it, a message as displayed:

"O dispositivo "Volume genérico" não pode ser interrompido.Tente interromper o dispositivo novamente mais tarde." (it mean somethig like "The device 'generic' volume cannot be stopped. try again later").


Then I need to open task manager and stop the process "diskdrive.exe" and try again.


How can I solve these problem? I hate computers from cybercafe. :mad:


Thx for help and patience!


And again, sorry about my english! :sunglasse

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