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Where should I start when tweaking memory settings


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I just got a set of Corsair's top PC-10000 DDR2 memory (Twin2X2048-10000C5DF G) installed in my system. I have timing set to 5-5-5-12, with vDIMM of 2.15, and the other BIOS settings for DRAM timing being at Auto.


The memory is currently running at 550 MHz (as show in CPU-Z). Now I want to try to improve performance, but am unsure where to start. Do I boost voltage right away, and try to increase memory speed, or do I start tweaking timings?


Any advice, particularly from people using Intel P35 based motherboards, will be greatly appreciated.


P.S. I originally had some Dominator PC-9136 memory that was DOA, and Corsair ugraded me to the top PC-10000 memory at no cost. I thought that was a decent thing to do, and wanted people to know Corsair has great support:):

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