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Odd ram issue. 2 sticks = bad, 1 stick = ok


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I started having an issue a couple months ago with BF2. I was getting graphical artifacts. I replaced the video card and that didn't work. I got a new psu, that didn't work. I have 2 sticks of 512mb DDR400. I've run memtest, windows memtest, and nvidia's stability test. No errors, well except on the nvidia. 2 or 3 times when I have run the full system test it would crash with a can't read reference 0x00730079.

So to isolate the problem I removed one stick at a time and ran all the test. No errors at all. In fact, BF2 runs with no artifacts, and HL2 now runs(which previously couldn't get to the main menu). With either stick individually everything runs fine, but together I have graphics problems.

Could this be a problem with my motherboard? I have run the msi live update, and there is an update for my bios, but I feel like that's last resort. Video drivers are up to date.

I'm considering buying a new 1gb stick and sending the two old ones to corsair for testing, but if it's a problem with my motherboard, I'd rather spend that $60 on new mobo and newer ram.


Any ideas? Suggestions?

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