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Upgrading memory


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I was wondering what I need to do if I wanted to max out my computer memory? I have 1gb right now. What are my options? I do need registered memory because of my mb. Any help thanks.

My motherboard memory summary says:

4 184-pin ddr dimm sockets

supports dual channel ddr400/ddr333/ddr266/ddr200 dimm

only supports registered dimms with a 64-bit / 128-bit data bus

with 8-bit / 16-bits of error correcting code (ECC)

supports 128mb/256mb/512mb/1gb/2gb dram

supports up to 8gb dram (Max)

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So the only way to keep the memory I have and to add to it is to buy the same twinx1024re-3200llpt memory stick and that would only get me 2gbs total? Otherwise I would have to take it out and get 3 of the CM72SD1024RLP-3200 DDR-400 (PC-3200) RDIMM 1GB 2.5v 3-3-3-8-1T memory sticks so then I'm able to have the max (3gb)? I thought though since I have 4 slots I have to use 1 and 3 together and 2 and 4 together if I understand correctly, or is there another option? Or do you recamend getting the CM75SD2048RLP-2700 DDR-333 (PC-2700) RDIMM 2GB 2.5v 2.5-3-3-7-2T memory stick and scrap the one I have, isn't this not as powerful as if I were to buy 2 or 3 single CM72SD1024RLP-3200 DDR-400 (PC-3200) RDIMM 1GB 2.5v

3-3-3-8-1T memory sticks?

Thanks for the help

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I purchased the twinx2048-3200cc2pt memory sticks to max out my memory so I would have a total of 3gbs well it doesnt post it beeps. I but it in the right slots 2, 4. The memory I have is not on the list that corsair says to use for my mb and it works fine. do I have to go with the 2700 2gb one the list to make a total of 3gb? any ideas thanks. Should I return the twinx2048-3200cc2pt memory sticks?
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