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Slow 4GB Voyager GT

Lo-Key Fu

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I received my first USB drive from Corsair today - a 4GB Voyager GT - and have been having the same issue as GiulioP (being slow "read" rates of around 22-23mb/second instead of the expected 34 or so).


I just find it a little unusual that I am clocking almost identical (slow) transfer rates with the same product - also in WinXP, and also across multiple machines all of which are P4 (laptop & desktop) - and was wondering if anyone could suggest some possible (general) causes of this slower than usual transfer speed that I could look into or check at my end?


Are there WinXP settings that can be made to improve performance that may not be enabled?


I have already updated my USB2 drivers this evening with no trouble, but if they were not being detected correctly, would the speed difference equate to what has been benchmarked we have here? (ie. from 34MB/s down to around 22MB/s)


Although it is early days yet (I will be doing some more extensive testing over the weekend) at the moment the drive seems to be coping what I had bought it for (streaming multiple audio files simultaneously to reduce laptop vibration problems in a sub-bass heavy environment) and at this stage I don't have the option of waiting for a replacement as I have booked shows over the next two weekends.


Any thoughts?

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Thanks for the prompt reply.


As mentioned in my previous post however, the drive is managing to do what I need it to do for now and (in the short term) I simply don't have the option of doing without it until I can either get myself a substitue drive of some sort or have my next break from live shows.


Being based in Australia I would need to know what the aproximate wait time would be to follow through with this action. Do you have any documentation here that outlines the general process of a return/replacement for International customers?


Again, cheers for the timely response.

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