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TWIN2X2048-6400C4DHX - Asus P5ND2-SLI


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I've recently bought the above RAM (2x1Gb sticks), and am having problems using them on the above motherboard - freezing, rebooting, not booting up (pretty much in that order after about 10-20 minutes of things being ok).


On BIOS I changed the settings to:






I haven't yet done a test with memtest, but I have with Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool - using this, out of the 6 tests it failed on 3 of them (LRAND, WMATS+, WINVC). This was with both sticks in, haven't had a chance to test with each stick alone - and haven't had a chance to test with memtest.


Any thoughts with this info so far? Please type slowly....I'm not a memory expert or anything!!

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I've now run memtest individually on the memory sticks. Both passed without errors.


However I did notice a difference between the two - one showed 2193MB/s and the other as 1404MB/s (screenshots attached). Is this a problem?



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Ok, I've done that and run memtest with a setting of 667 - there is still a difference between the two memory sticks as shown on that attached screenshots. This time round there's also a difference with L1 Cache and L2 Cache MB/s - quite a big difference.


Here are the differences (also on the attached screenshots).


L1 Cache: 15706MB/s

L2 Cache: 17414MB/s

Memory: 1788MB/s


L1 Cache: 7834MB/s

L2 Cache: 6023MB/s

Memory: 1264MB/s



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Ok, I received the new modules today. I'm currently running memtest on the first module, and am on the first pass of tests.


On Test 7 (Random number sequence) there are quite a lot of failures for this module. I've attached a screenshot that I took when the errors started to come up, but as I type this message there are over 120 errors so far on Test 7 (this test is 85% done so far).


EDIT: To add to the above, memtest is now going through the 2nd pass. This time on Test 3 there were 8 errors.


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