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GA35-DS3P ver 1.1 2x 2GB CM21024-8500C5


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This is my 3rd and 4th Kit new from Newegg. The other time I had a 680I motherboard but I replaced it with the DS3P when the last 2 memory kits failed. Well now these have failed and I dont plan to replace the motherboard this is enough proof to me that the failure is down to the ram nothing else. I have have one stick bad out of each kit.


Serial numbers 11795959-07200257



Lucky for me at least one stick is good out of each kit. It was a gradual fail too. The kit ending in 439 would run fine at 1.8v to get my system up and running the kit ending in 257 needed the whole 2.1v to get it to even post. For about a month or more i have been getting random crashes but yeasterday it went into sleep mode and failed to come back on. I rebooted and all I got was the long drawn out beeps. Powered off and began finding which ram was bad. 439 had a bad strip with errors but 257 had one that couldnt boot or make any sound whats so ever.

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