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Dell Inspiron 531 / VS2GBKIT667D2


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Let me preface this with: I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to purchasing RAM.


I recently ordered a Dell Inspiron 531 for my wife, and am awaiting its arrival. I'm looking to increase the RAM. I ran the memory configurator and it gave me an option being p/n VS1GB667D2.


I would like to order a 2-pack, as they're usually cheaper. Poking around, I've seen Corsair p/n VS2GBKIT667D2. I'm wondering if this would be compatible with the Inspiron 531.


I ran the configurator by the Corsair p/n, and it's provided a list of motherboards. I don't know what the motherboard on the Dell is... the confirmation doesn't advise.


To me, it seems that they're identical, apart from one being a single, and one being a multipack. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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