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Gigabyte GA-G33M-DS2R Compatability Issues


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I am doing a build with the Gigabyte GA- G33M-DS2R MB, with an Intel Core2 Quad 6600, No OC, I tried some GSkill Memory first could not get it to run Duel Channel, since not on Gigabytes list of Compat. memory I decided to try the Corsair Twin2x2048 6400C4 2 sets for total of 4GB, which is on the list if I put all 4 sticks in the system does not post , and if I try 2 sticks in duel channel mode it will not post, when I put in first 2 slots it runs fine in single channel mode it works fine and boots up, Ive tested all the sticks, test OK are there any settings I can change to get this to work.
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I have a Gigabyte motherboard, and I learned the automatic SPD and voltage settings don't work correctly with the Corsair RAM, or perhaps any DDR2 that needs more voltage than the default of the motherboard.


You probably should pull all of the RAM, clear CMOS, put one stick in, boot up the computer, enter BIOS setup, select "Load Optimized Defaults", save and reboot, then enter BIOS setup again.


From the main menu BIOS setup screen press CTRL+F1 to display the "advanced" settings. (see Chapter 2, paragraph 2 of the manual).


I have been tweaking CMOS settings since Intel 386 based CPUs, and I think something like this is a little dumb.


Anyway, use the MB Intelligent Tweaker menu to change all of your settings after the CTRL+F1 nonsense.


Manually set the System Memory Multiplier, and the timings using the spec. sheet for your RAM as found on the stick itself, and the Corsair website.


Same thing for the voltage, use the DDR2 OverVoltage Control to add voltage to the default 1.8V. For example, if you need 2.1V use the +0.3 setting.


You will find the 1.8V reference in Section 1-2 Product Specifications on page 12 of the manual.


Personally, I think there should be a note made to the Gigabyte recommended memory list to reflect this fact. I don't like the fact that you have to use "OverVoltage".


:!: I am told that on some motherboards you may have to run the memory at a clock frequency lower that the highest rated frequency of the RAM if you are running 4 sticks instead of 2.


Sucks doesn't it?


I hope this helps.



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I understand the timing changes 2-2-2-12 and the voltage change to 2.1 volts I understand that process but what do I change the system memory multiplier to that is what is confusing me , when I do the changes for timing and voltage, the computer will not post Iget a message the boot blocker loading bios from HD is there a setting I am missing, any help would be appreciated.
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The timing should be Cas 4-4-4-12 at 2.1 Volts and if you install more than two modules I would suggest setting the memory frequency at DDR667 and set the NB/MCH Voltage to +.05 Volts as well. However, you stated that any module would not work in one of the slots by it self and if so that would suggest a problem with the MB and or memory slot.
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