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Corsair VX450W Is pretty loud


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Hi, I got my Power supply today, to replace my old, unefficient $10 one that sounded like a tractor.


Well, I installed it, and it starts off somewhat silent, and then ends up nearly as loud as my other one! :-( I'm asking if I should RMA it


Oh, and here is an attached .wav of the noise.


Thanks :-)


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Can you describe the sound that you are hearing? Is it the fan, or are you hearing a buzzing sound? How loud is it, and from how far away can you hear it?


I bought the Corsair vx450w yesterday. The Corsair vx450w makes a rustle noise distinguishable from its fan noise from 7,87 in = 20

cm distance. It looks like a vibration of wires causes strokes between wires and makes the rustle noise. The rustle noise increases

when disk drives begin to work. I bought the Corsair vx450w because http://www.silentpcreview.com/article699-page1.html gave it the

highest rating on noise. The seller does not want to replace the Corsair vx450w because thinks that the rustle noise is too low. How

to replace the Corsair vx450w to prevent the rustle noise?

Best regards,


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