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2x2gb modules for overclocking vista 64


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ga-965p-ds4 rev1


2 x1gb xms2 pc 6400 c4

8800 gt 720/1000

cpu x8/ 3.6ghz

fsb 450mhz

memory 900mhz

vista 64

thermaltake t.p 850wt


hi ,ive just overclocked to the above settings. i tried the same settings with 4x1gb modules. wouldnt work. i dont think u can acheive the above with 4x1gb.

so i took out 2 modules and it overclocked with no problems.

but, the problem is i have vista and for games u really need 4gb. its slugish without the xtra ram.

so my question is , If i had problems overclocking with 4x1gb ram will i have the same problem with 2x2gb ram?

is the problem related to the amount of modules installed? or the amount of ram?

i just dont want to pay another heap of cash if its not going to overclock.

the ram im talking about is the above in my specs.

thanks again adya

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