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Asus strikerExtreme with 4x1GB 8888C4DF


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Hello everyone.

I've been testing for weeks my 4x1GB sticks and i am really disapointing. i don#t know what to do in my Bios configuration to run @ 1111MHZ. Is there a problem with this MOBO using 4Gb ram?

In bios i set unlinked, FSB1280 (3,2Ghz stable) and when i set the Ram @ 1111Mhz windows won't load. I just can boot windows with 800Mhz. That's not what i paid for:(:

I also set the timings like corsair recommended: 4-4-4-12 2T @2,4V

Please help me!

i also tried 1111MHZ with no OC, so stock @2,6Ghz, no resolution!


i am using Vista ultimate 64bit, QX6700@3,2Ghz


i would appreciate any help towards my problem. Thanks. My vista index concerning ram is only 5,4!

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I am sorry but 4 modules will not run at the tested settings, please test them one set at a time at the tested settings to make sure you dont have a failing module, if they both pass one set at a time I would suggest DDR800 with 4 modules.
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Sorry, I didn't really understand your advice.

Do you mean, i have to test the ram @1111Mhz with only 2 sticks, meaning 2GB?

By the way, is it faster and better concerning performance using 2GB with the tested settings than 4GB @800Mhz?


Will there be a future resolution for using 4 sticks @1111Mhz?


Thank you very much

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if everything is true what i see,

i have running 4GB such corsairs on a Striker Extreme.


Bios Version 1401

Mrmory Clock is: 1111Mhz Tcl:4 Trcd:4 Trp:4 Tras:12 (2T Timing)

DDR Dual Channel Enabled.

Ram Voltage: fixed to default 2.40


I got this POST display, but now why i am not sure,

in the Bios i have set the MEM Speed to 1120 Mhz,

but mabey its not a bug - its e future

and asus just have boards who control this..


I hope this helps and if anything is wrong here pls help me :o:

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The issue is that you are populating all four DRAM slots with two kits. The on motherboard memory controller can not run as fast with loading and accessing the memory when all four DRAM slots are populated. Basically you are trying to make the memory controller work as fast with four as it can with two. This issue is regardless of the DRAM. It is across the board (no pun intended) with both Intel chipset and AMD chipset motherboard for both Intel and AMD CPUs.


Please research this thread with regards to the four DRAM slot population:



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Oh, i see the detail, thnx. :(: :o:


Sorry for my english and so i have a question because i cant find a awnser.


What is the Problem when i set FSB to 1750?

I just need to set the Multiplier to 6 so i am under the standard frequenz.


Or is this just too much for my Board?

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Much Thanx, i go there.


Oh i see its not my system so i will give you here everything i know out of my head.


MB: Asus Striker Extreme

Bios 1401

Everything is on [auto] or standard now only a few settings changed.

Ram Voltage fixed to 2,4V

SLI Ready Memory Enabled


CPU: E6850 Extreme

NT: OCfZ-GXS 1010 (-f without he will censore it)


I have tested to sett the FSB Up put the system goes to be instable when the FSB go over the 1333Mhz

The hole Voltage and so an i will post later because this be set to auto.


Now with this settings the FSB is for Memory 1086Mhz and CPU 13333Mhz full stable atm.


And i will test the Asus P5E with a specified FSB from 1600, maybe there is more possible.


I have a big question, how and where can i figure out the max specified voltages from the Chipsets also NB, SB.


If you need more details pls say what the exactly voltages i will post later.


So now just for the Understandig, the Problem is that the Bandwith of the Chipset is lower than the Bandwith from the RAMs and so the RAMs will be blocked from the Chipset and with a higher FSB the Chipset will get more Bandwith is this correct?


Oh so long.


I hope you understand my bad english.

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