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DRAM Frequency = 400MHz (ASUS P5N-E with Corsair Xms2 Twin2x2048 6400c4)


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Hi, I was wondering what my DRAM Frequency should be at? I used CPU-Z and it's telling me my DRAM Frequency is 400.1MHz. I don't know alot about all this and this is my first computer build. The ram I bought says its DDR2 800MHz. Is the 400MHz in CPU-Z something different or is my memory running low for some reason? Here are my settings:

4, 4, 4, 12 at 2T

Cycle Time (tRAS)= 12

Bank Cycle (tRC) = 22

Memory Voltage= 2.085


Thanks all!


PS: I just got it up and running and don't have any problems with BSOD or anything so far. And it ran 3 passes of MemTest86+ fine with no errors.

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