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2xTWIN2X8500C5D(F) or QUAD2X8500C5DF DDR2


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I'm building a new computer and was thinking of using Corsair memory together with a ASUS P5K Pro MB. I would like to put as much and as fast memory as possible into the computer while still using Windows XP Pro.

Should I go with two TWIN2X8500C5D(F) or a single QUAD2X8500C5DF DDR2 kit or something different?


The prices I have seen for the memory kits above are a bit strange. It seems the TWIN kit including fan (C5DF) is more expensive than buying the kit without fan (C5D) plus a separate (identical as far I as I can see) fan.


Do I need the fan at all if not overclocking?


Also, is it a bad idea to buy 2 TWIN kits instead of a QUAD kit?

I am aware that XP Pro can only handle up to about 3.2GB RAM (with some reconfiguration, otherwise 2GB) but it is still more than 2GB. That's why I plan to buy 4GB. And I suppose 3GB is not possible to mount instead of 4GB?

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Thanks for the advice.

Reading through the specifications for the Asus Pro MB I noticed that it says:

"The chipset officially supports the memory frequency up to DDR2 800MHz. Tuned by ASUS Super Memspeed Technology, this motherboard natively supports up to DDR2 1066MHz"

So maybe it's better (or at least more conservative) to go with the 800MHz memory. At least it's cheaper :)

I'm looking at using TWIN2X4096-6400C5DHX or TWIN2X2048-6400C5DHX instead. Is that a good choice?


With "I would suggest just one set 2 modules", do you mean that I should install only 2GB for best performance? I did not know that there could be a performance penalty with too much memory. I just thought the disadvantage would be that it is a waste of memory having more than about 3GB installed in WinXP Pro.

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