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P5N32-E SLI and TWINX2048-6400


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Hey guys,


I have a P5N32-E SLI mainboard, running WINXP (none of that vista garbage..) and I recently decided to try and push it up to 4GB of ram. I had 2GB installed without and trouble, and decided to order another dual-channel kit off newegg. Unfortunately, I ran into a speedbump - the board recognizes and runs of 3GB fine, but when pushing up to 4GB it give a continuous beep at post. All the sticks are fine according to memtest - I ran them individually for about 1.5 hours each. Has anyone else noticed this problem with the P5N? In terms of performance, would I be better off trying to run 3GB @ 800MHz, or, assuming the board can recognize it, 4GB and lower the speed to 667? I know that XP will not even read all 4 GB due to the fact that it is a 32-bit OS, but would the extra .5 gig or so be worth it?!


And corsair - if this doesn't work out, would it be possible to return my memory and trade it for two 512mb dual-channel modules so that I can still run the 3GB DC?

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