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4GB Voyager only detected at USB 1.0 ??


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For the past week my 4GB Flash Voyager only shows up as a USB 1.0 device and not a USB 2.0 device. I've tried it on numerous computers and I always get the same Windows error "This device will work better if you plug it into a High-Speed USB 2.0 port". Any ideas ? I was thinking of reformatting the stick via the Voyager Utility and trying it again but it seems to me to be a hardware issue.





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Same problem... after about 2 years of flawless work it become usb 1.1 device :\

First i thought the trouble in motherboard's usb controller, but i tested my flash voyager on other pc's with 2.0 support and flash falling back to 1.1. And I tested pqi flash with 2.0 - it works 2.0 on my pc.

I understood that I should ask for replacement, but can RamGuy answer, where is the problem? embedded controller bug?


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