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Help! Another drive parts failure? Male usb end on drive is loose, no connection..


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I pulled my drive out of a computer at school today and I noticed that the part you stick into the computer is loose. I immediately set it aside so as to not get further damaged. I just got home and tried it to try and sync my drive to get the data off it, but the led on the drive doesn't even light. I'm like 99% sure either the solder broke off the connections or the silicon on the chip probably broke near the usb male end.


What's the link again to get an RMA...again?

Will it void my warranty if I try to cut back the rubber and see if I can resolder the connections (if that's the problem) to attempt to get the data from it?


Thanks for the help...this is my second failed corsair drive...starting to loose faith in the quality of product.


Drive Specs:

Corsair Flash VoyagerGT


1.5months old (received at beginning of december 07, as a replacement drive)




Found the online RMA submit link and submitted my RMA.

Looks like a similar problem here: http://www.houseofhelp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=66123

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Since I'm in school all day from like 8am-6pm (CST) I don't know when I'll be able to call you personally. I'll forward the number to my dad who should be able to call you during daytime business hours.
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When I called I forgot to ask, can you send an extra drive cap with this replacement? They tend to get loose (almost to the point of sliding off in my pocket) after about a month and a half.


Thanks again for the help and with any luck it'll ship out ups tomorrow afternoon.

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Looks like they can't send the spare cap in with my RMA..oh well.

Just an update:

The department received my RMA Thursday, so hopefully my replacement 4GB GT ships out Monday...haha I'm lost w/o my 4GB, the old walmart special just doesn't compare.

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I've received my replacement drive today, 1 day ahead of UPS' schedule. So far it's working well, I'll post back if I have any further troubles...I don't anticipate any.

Thanks for some of the best customer service around,


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