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TX750W installation with 4-pin power for mobo


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I'm installing my Corsair TX750 into a new system. The motherboard supports a 4-pin power cord, so I removed the 8-pin into the two separate 4-pins, however, I am unsure as to which one should be put in.


Quoting the User's Manual:

"If your motherboard has a 4-pin socket, detach the 4-pin from the 8-pin cable, and then plug the correct 4-pin directly to your motherboard."


Which one is the correct 4-pin? When split, the wires are 2 yellow 2 black to one 4-pin, while the other is 2 black 1 yellow 1 yellow with a black line in the middle. I was unsure how to proceed, if it mattered which one to put in.

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