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Hi there people,


I am here to ask you guys for some help.

I have these specs. and want to overclock my system.


E6600, Abit AW9D- MAX "bios 1.5", seasonic sl600.

My batch for my CPU should reach around 4GHz (lucky me) BUT... I need some dual channel memory to achieve my goal in 2x 1GB. I now have 533 micron that's not enough for the big job.

"4GHz" 4000 / 9 (multiplier) = 444.444..... x 2 = 888.888..... saying I need pc7111.111... memory... Well I guess I could go for twinx or dominator 6400 or 8500 if I chose for mem without a fan on it.


So these are my demands.

1 No fan on it.

2 tight timings

3 overclockable around "450"

4 as fast as possible when overclocked

* if it is memory that's standard higher than 450 bus speed on 1:1 ratio, it should be nice to clock it back with tighter timings if you know what I mean.


saying 8000 mem with Bus speed 500 clock back with tighter timing to 6400 with 400 bus speed.


I have broken my brain with finding info on it... found some but not enough to change my mind on buying, meaning which type etc.


Could you guys help me out on buying the right memory for the job?

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