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massaging twin2x1024-5400c4 timings???


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my current system specs are as listed in my profile...


i'm wondering if there's any weird/specific/niche bios settings that are specific to my motherboard that i have to make in order to successfully obtain some other memory settings that i'm wanting to speed things up with...


Unfortunately, right now things are far from that...things are all pretty much stock speeds. The CPU is run at stock 333fsb settings with the stock hsf and a 1:1 divider. As for the memory settings:


FSB Frequency = 333

PCIE Frequency = auto

DRAM Frequency = DDR2-667

DRAM Timing Control = Auto

Cas = 5

RAS to CAS = 5

RAS = 5

RAS Act to Pre = 15

TWR = auto

TRFC = auto

TWTR = auto

TRRD = auto

TRTP = auto

DRAM Static Read Control = auto

Transaction Booster = auto

Clock over charging mode = auto

CPU Spread Spectrum = auto

PCIE Spread Spectrum = auto

***DRAM Voltage = 2.0v


-note that the ram voltage is configured for 2.0v rather than 1.9v. Word on the street is that this board and/or the current bios displays an erroneous dram voltage reading short by .1v. I've been trying to confirm this using cpu-z, memset, everest, sisoft sandra, and fresh diagnose...but NONE of them can confirm the voltage reading to me...any other methods or pieces of software to try?


ideally, i'd like to be able to obtain some or all of the following:


- enable the 4-4-4-12 advertised settings @ 333/667

- enable 1T command rate

- enable the transaction booster and obtain a "performance level" (in memset) of 6


...especially the last two.


I've tried just changing the 3 above settings of interest with no luck at all...no post followed by beep quotes when i do. I'm just hoping that some weird change in any of the other settings i'm not interested, or can't think of that will solve the problem.


I realize that it will be difficult considering i have 4 dimms, but i'm hoping (disappointed) that since i'm using first tier memory and mainboard manufacturers...i shouldn't have this problem. I'd also wonder if the 8 stage power design of the mobo would help things at all? The irony is that despite that design, it seems that many people have been complaining of voltage drop in this board and/or erratic voltages between bios versions.


Any help would be appreciated.

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alright, thanks for the suggestion...


i'll try it when i get home later...


-can you suggest a piece of software that can get me a ram voltage reading outside the bios? as my above post indicates...my above post seems to turn up empty...


thanks again...

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nb is currently sitting @ 1.25v....next available higher option in the bios is 1.40v...


1.5v is quite a bit different than .5v......what do you think?


out of curiosity...why the suggestion to increase the nb voltage?

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I would try the next step up so put it at 1.4 Volts and with 4 modules adding a bit more voltage to the memory Controller is often needed. And I have seen a few really good BIOS/MB's do this by default when it detects 4 modules, but only a few MB's. So it takes someone to really know the BIOS well when they write it. However most times the reference BIOS for new chipsets do not include little tweaks like this maybe after a few updates they will catch on.
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well...tried with nb @ 1.40v and dimm @ 2.0v...


couldn't get anything to budge:


-couldn't get to command rate to 1t (tried just for ****s & giggles)

-couldn't get cas 4

-couldn't get to transaction booster (memset performance level) of 6



hmmm...any other advice on what to try to obtain those settings, or am i pretty much S.O.L.?



-on a "positive" note, although not as influential to performance as the settings i'd like, i did manage to bump the following:


-RAS to CAS to 4

-RAS to 4

-RAS Act to Pre to 12

-transaction booster to memset performance level of 7 (from 8)


...it got me a extra WHOPPING 150mb/s bandwidth up to ~5900-5950mb/s...which is still more than the max theoretical bandwidth of my cpu...


i'm wondering if it'd be worth it to take the 15% restocking fee to trade up to some pc2-6400 that might allow for the above timings i'm shooting for @667? I'm skeptical whether or not it'd actually make a difference in games though because @ 1280x1024 with full eye candy in most new games i'm sure i'd be gpu rather than cpu limited...



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