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I installed Nautilus 500 on my Xbox360 !!


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Hey you!


This weekend I just finnish installing my Nautilus 500 on my Xbox 360. It was a real trouble an I took almost 6 hours of hard work. I used a block available at ebay from a member called pcwatercoolingshop.


But now, I want to ask some questions to the Corsair gurus:


After hours of gameplay, the external unit is REALLY HOT!! If I put my finger on the top of the reservoir cap I can feel a great heat! Not only the cap, but the the unit itself gets extremelly hot. The air pulled out from the unit is very very hot. My conclusion is: The gpu/cpu block is really good and is able to transfer all this heat to the radiator. But my question is: Is nautilus 500 able to handle this large amount of heat???


Thank you very much!!

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Yeah, I doubt it was tested like it.


I realize that keeping the fan at 12V helped a lot. Another point is: Nautilus 500 has this name because it promises to dissipate 500W of heat. Considering that the Xbox consumes about 185W of power under load, in an extreme case, lets consider all this power is converted to heat. Is is still far from 500w.


Anyway, I´m playing a lot and the 3 red lights never appeared again.


BTW, is there any cooper radiator that can substitute the default aluminium radiator?

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