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my pc wont turn on i think its the psu (vx550w)


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ok so i built my computer a few days ago and it ran perfectly i downloaded the crysis demo painkiller demo and call of duty 4 demo they all ran fine excpet for crysis it would crash but thats cuz i was trying to tun stuff on high then i played call of duty 4 the demo and it ran fine the computer was good all days until now i staed up quake 3 and ad aware and avg were running iun the background and quake 3 was kinda stuttering while i was at the menu then i left came back and my coputer was off except my monitor so its not the plugs


now i have to unpolug everything and plug the cordes back in and when i attempt to turn it on i see the fan LED turn and aspin for like a milisecond and then turns off..and if i try again to turn it on not even the LED or fan spin so i unplug all the cors and plug the cords back in turn it on and the fan spin and LEd turn on for like a milisecond...


i think its the PSU i think its dying or dead already


any help is grealty appreciated


plz help im not liking this at all

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