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HX520W Questions


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Hey guys,


I've had my computer for about 6 months, it wasn't made by myself, bought it off eBay from a business whos main job is to build computer systems, but the PSU with my system makes a lot of noise, and it seems to be the only place that the noise is coming from.. I've checked reviews and apparantly the problem is with a few of them, and would be fixed with an RMA, but the seller is refusing to help me now, despite providing a 12 months guarantee.. He says noise is not covered on the warranty, and that it is not a fault!


My question is, will the HX520W be enough for my computer, or should I get the 620W? Also, how "silent" is thisthe HX520W, as that is really important for me..


Also, I know nothing about hardware, so a bit worried about taking the old PSU out and putting a new one in.. is it relatively easy when using a guide?



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Your issue is a primary reason to avoid eBay for complete pc purchases. :damnit: According to your PC specs you have a Coolermaster Extreme psu which is mediocre at best. The OEM varies, it's continuous power output is only rated at 25-30C, and the voltage regulation leaves a lot to be desired. Try contacting them directly to see if they can assist you.




Otherwise an HX520 will be more than ideal for your system and still offer headroom for future upgrades. The HX series are also some of the quietest fan cooled psu's on the market. Right now the HX520 is on sale at buy.com for $79 shipped AR & Google checkout. :headbang2

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So I bought this PSU and before putting it in changing the motherboard cooler settings from bios to silent with made a noticeable difference to sound, but still fairly loud, I then spent about 45 mins on the PSU and computer booted up fine (still worried I wired something wrong and it will blow or something like that though!) and although it was dramatically lower sound than what I had before, it is still hearable when using the PC.. I hear two sounds, a continuous kind of flow of air, and then something else with constantly goes on and off, and the best way for me to describe it is as the kind of noise CD/DVD drives make on the computer when they are reading a disc?


Any ideas guys?



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