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p4c800-e deluxe won't post


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I've been doing some searching and have come to the conclusion that it won't post due to different revision numbers.


It's my wifes computer. P4c800-e deluxe, northwood 3.2 oc'ed to 3.6, twinx cmx512-3200c2pt xms3202v3.1. It's been running perfect for three years, running 24/7.


My wife wanted me to install vista, so I did. She then started complaining because it was too slow (duh!!:roll:It's vista!) But she has to have vista because it looks better than xp!:laughing:


So I thought that I would order another set of twinx. I just received them this afternoon, so I put them in. Nothing, the board won't even post with all four sticks in. It will post with either of the two sets, but not all four together. I thought that my oc could be flubbing things up so I relaxed timings and did everything I know of to get this damn thing to post with all four sticks. No luck. So exasperated, I logged on to the forums here and lo and behold I discover the problem might possibly be because of the different revisions.


Old sticks are cmx512-3200C2PT xms 3202v3.1

New sticks are cmx512-3200LL xms 3205v1.2


I guess I'm stuck with selling these four sticks and buying a 2 gig twinx set?


Or can I swap one set for another compatible set using an rma?

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