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Other than one sided memory sticks, what's the difference between the VS1GBKIT400 and the VS1GBKIT400 G? I bought VS1GBKIT400 over a year ago, but had it RMAed when one module failed. Since then it's been running great. I then ordered another set from the same store making sure it was the same model number and specifications, but what I got was a VS1GBKIT400 G.


I have an eVGA 133-K8-NF41 MB with an ADM Opteron 170 CPU. The CPU is designed with a 400 FSB by default. I haven't played with any of the settings, just letting the MB BIOS pick them. It picks: 2.5-3-3-8-2T with a VDIMM of 2.65V. I installed the kits in their respective matched pair slots, i.e. one kit went into one matched slot pair, and the other kit went into the second matched slot pair.


For about a month they seemed to get along, but today I was running into some weird instability issues. I ran Memtest and found some errors. However, when I test each kit separately, I have no problems. When I tested the kits seperately, I tried them in both matched par slots. I never tested them in unmatched slots. When I try the different individual modules in different slots, still not a problem. It's only when I have both kits in that I get errors and I have tried swapping the pairs around, that only changes the memory address that produces the errors. Again, if I sounded a little confusing, I only tested the kits in match slots, I did not try mixing the kit modules in unmatched slots because I thought that would be worse.


Do the one-sided sticks make a difference when used with two sided sticks? Is it a bad idea to use these two together no matter what? Thanks.

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