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RAM motherboard limit? Incorrect?


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Hello forum,


I just got a new 2GB corsair RAM piece.

I read in the manual and on Sony's support site that my vaio laptop supports up to 2GB. I am supposed to have no dual channel support.


But: when I install one of my old 512MB pieces, my windows XP detects all 2.5GB of memory, and CPU-Z tells me that it runs in dual channel mode.


So it appears the motherboard limit is not correct?

If windows says so, is the extra RAM really usable, or might it just damage anything because I have installed 'too much'?

ANY other parameters in CPU-Z remain unchanged, all the numbers stay the same.


Thanks for replying,


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As long as the system is stable you should be good to go, and that is not uncommon for OEM's to under rate notebooks. If it will not do what they say its a political issue that can be costly for them. But if it will do more than stated its just a bonus to the customer.
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