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I'm pretty sure my RAM is bad..


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About 4 months ago (August '07) I bought a pair of CM2X1024-8500C5 sticks (2 x 1 GB sticks of 1066) from Newegg.com. As of now both have bitten the dust, with today the second one failing.


The first went bad a few weeks ago. Programs started having strange errors (crashes, video problems) and sometimes my machine would randomly restart itself. So, I ran Windows' memory diagnostic and sure enough, a stick was bad--I ran the test separately on each stick, one getting the error and the other not. So, I replaced the bad stick with another brand and went on my way figuring that because I didn't have the original packaging that the memory came in, I wouldn't be able to RMA anything (Newegg's warranty on memory expires after 30 days...).


Well, now the other stick is shot, too. While it's in my computer, I get no BIOS post, just a blank screen and a lot of long beeps, which at first I thought (according to the motherboard manual) meant a video card problem. So I tried another PCIx16 card I had laying around, but got the same issue. So, I took everything out of the computer, reset the CMOS, and slowly put everything back together, making sure with each additional part, it worked. Everything slowly worked until the Corsair stick was in place, at which time I got a long beep, followed by a short beep ("memory/motherboard error"). After taking that stick out again, it worked fine.


So, for me, that narrowed itself down nicely. I'd love to run a memory test to be 10000% sure the Corsair stick is bad, but being as how I can't get my computer to remotely load while it's in there, that seems kind of impossible. My voltages are all fine, nothing is overclocked, nothing is out of place in the BIOS.


I saw that Corsair offers a lifetime warranty, and that they do RMA stuff like this, so, I figured that because of all the frustration I went through, I'd give this a shot. I'm open to any more suggestions on my issues. If not, can I request an RMA for my sticks?

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