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Defective Nautilus exchange??

Medieval Nerd

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Hi all,


Well I finally got my Nautilus 500 back and It's the same box!? As if they simply returned it "as is". Altough my Nautilus did make noise by moving it, a loose plastic/metal piece would rattle inside. This was WITHOUT the nautilus turned on. It made that noise the minute I pulled it out of the box. And when I went to the store to show the guy, he heard it with me. But then, my luck, the piece got stuck somewhere inside. Probably inside the wires or under the reservoir, wherever.


I even posted to ask how a tech would go about fixing this issue since the nautilius probably did not make any more noise from that point. I was told that they would proably switch the Nautilus. Aniways, since the box is already opened it leaves me to believe that the Nautilus was not opened or such since it made no noise when they got it. This brings several concerns to me because if there is a piece of the pump or whatever that broke and that If I hook it up and start it, whatever damage that may occur will be under not warranty. I would be held liable (obviously).


Aniways, I was hoping "maybe" they simply fixed the thing and sent it back. I just can't know lol.


What should I do?

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