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Asus P5N-E SLI & CM2X2048-6400C5 - Settings ?


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Hi Guys,


I am rebuilding a friends machine, and seem to be fighting some new memory modules ;-)


The modules are: CM2X2048-6400C5 (2*2GB 5-5-5-12 V1.3)

The Mobo is: Asus P5N-E SLI


Its currently exhibiting an occasion boot failure (long bleep), which when it occours is always fixed via a reset as opposed to a cold restart.


Whilst trying to load an OS, we get random lock ups (hard freeze) at differing times.


I am assuming a current voltage\timing\FSB issue!


I have tried both yellow\black slots with no joy. The 650i bios on this board seems very extensive, so I have access to a range of settings, and was hoping for an OC once stable! That aside however what settings would people reccomend from ?


(available options below)


Voltage: 1.920 / 2.013 / 2.085 / 2.178 (only listed those 1.9-2.1)


FSB: Linked \ Unlinked

FSB Ratio: 1:1 \ 5:4 \ 3:2 \ Sync


(All the below also have an Auto Option)


tCL: 1-6

tRCD: 1-7

tRP: 1-7

tRAS: 1-31

Command per Clock: 1 \ 2

tRRD: 1 - 15

tRC: 1-31

tWR: 1-7

tWTR 1-15

tREF: 1 \ 2

tRD: 1 - 15

tRFC: 1 - 127


Mem DDR: Linked \ Unlinked


Async Latency: (ns) 1.00 \ 1.25 \ 1.50 \ 1.75 \ 2.00 \ 2.25 \ 2.50


Many thanks in advance, I am currently sitting here trying various options!


Oh, and the modules are known good from anothger machine, as is this mobo with the other memory modules (only 2gb however).





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Hi Guys, am sorry to bump, I now have the modules, stable on stock frequencys, however can anyone tell me if they have established a successfull overclock on the memory with this combination ?


Any attempt to OC the memory leads to lockups, even using the 'AI Overclock' @ 5%.


Unrealistic expectations, or should I be able to get a reasonable OC on this combination ??





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