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HX520 loud clicking/snapping noise

Maximus Vitutus

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I have purchased an HX520 here in Finland. The psu keeps quite loud clicking noise. This problem started right at first boot of my new system. I checked the system so that no wires were touching any of the fans and located the noise to the psu.


I removed the psu from the chassis but had it still connected to the system -> clicking noise could be still heard. The noise disappeared when I had the psu lying on it's side. In some positions noise was heard and in some not. Tested both with wall ac-connection / extension cord, no ups in use.


Later I installed the psu back into my system and heard the noise, then I moved my pc a couple on centimeters by lifting it, the sound disappeared :confused:. After that I powered down the system.


The next day I disconnected the monitor cable form the new system and used my old one for a while, after connecting back the monitor cable to the new system I powered it up again. The clicking sound was back, nothing else was done to the pc than monitor cable disconnection/connection.


The clicking noise is so loud that it can be clearly heard outside the room with room door closed when pc chassis is open.


Question is that is there an big risk of this psu breaking and causing damage to other parts of the system, or could this psu still be use for 1 week without risk of serious damage to system before sending it to seller for replacement?


System Details:

Antec 182

Abit IP-35

Q6600 not OC cooled with TT 120

4Gb 800Mhz RAM

8800Gts 512Mb

T166 500Gb 2pcs @ raid

X-FI pci sound card

Corsair HX520

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The clicking would not indicate that anything is wrong with the functionality with the PSU and there should be no risk of damage to the other components in the system. You might try loosening up the 4 fan screws on the bottom of the PSU to see if the clicking goes away, if it does not then let's get it replaced, please use the On Line RMA Request Form and we will be happy to replace it.
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I have already tried that but it didn't affect this problem at all. Well I contact the reseller to get this psu replaced. I'll just need to use it over the weekend.


The system works otherwise ok, I was just considered of the noise cause it is quite loud and doesn't seem normal.



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