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Toshiba M100 (P/N: PSMAAA-01M006)


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There's multiple versions of the Toshiba SATELLITE M100 listed, gotta figure out which one you have.


Wired I have been over the configurator several times now (sorry should have mentioned that in the original post) and am unable to determine which Ram is going to work. There are about 10 different configurations for this laptop and so far I have been able to find several that match, based on the description given in the configurator.


Unfortunately the ones that match suggest my laptop can support 4gb whereas I believe it may actually only support 2gb. Plus they vary in speed from 333 through to 667, and I know some laptops will not run with incorrect speed memory.


I am currently trying to get the original stick of memory out of my laptop to try and determine which Toshiba memory it is currently using to help identify which model it is. I'll post back here when I find a small enough screw driver to finish the job.



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What is the complete description and model number on the underside of the NB?


The label on the base of the laptop says the following:

Satellite M100

P/N: PSMAAA-01M006

S/N: 17136612K


CPU: T2060 @ 1.6Ghz

Memory: 1 x Samsung 512 MB 2Rx16 PC2-4200S-444-12-A3

Graphics: Mobile Intel 945 Express Graphics Chipset


Hopefully someone can tell me exactly what this means.



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According to the Configurator page for this NB:

If you have a core Solo or a 533 FSB CPU I would suggest VS1GSDS533D2 and replace what you have now and if you have the Core Duo CPU running at 800 FSB then you should be able to use VS2GSDS667D2


The T2060 CPU runs at 1.6Ghz with a 533Mhz FSB and has a 1MB L2 Cache so I would suggest VS1GSDS533D2 modules.

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RAM GUY - Thanks for that. I had come to a similar conclusion but was too concerned about picking the wrong one. Well I'm not going to be getting 4gb in the machine, as I thought I might, but I'll spend only have the money and end up with 2gb. Besides It will about a third the cost of the stuff from Toshiba.


Sweet, and thanks again Wired and RAM GUY.

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