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I sent in my pc8500c5 and corsair recieved it on 12/21/07 and they said they got it on 1/3/08, then I called them they told me it's on backorder and it will shiped on 1/8/08 and then I checked my email and nothing, so I called corsair support and they told me they dont know why the ship day is changed and then they told me it will ship on the 1/15/08 and then today I wait up all nite to check my email and then nothing again with no information on when I'm gonna get my RMA so I called then they told me it's on backorder again and they told me it will ship as soon as they get it and it would be on 1/21/08, so I'm gonna wait again and see what happens, and I'm just wondering why so long cause I see some sites carry it, and I'm not gettings mines yet, why dont they give me the better ones then if they have them in stock , the pc8500c5d , and plus I have a cal league playoff match on 1/16/08 and now I cant play cause I dont have no memory sticks for my computer. Cause it wasn't cheap when I paid for the ram.
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