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ASUS Commando and TWIN2X4096-6400C5 + other memory?


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Hi, I have an ASUS Commando mobo and 2x1024MB of Crucial 10th anniversary DDR2.


I am contemplating purchasing TWIN2X4096-6400C5 (two modules, if I am not mistaken) and I want to use the Corsair memory in conjunction with the Crucial memory.


I am going to go Vista 64bit when SP1 is released and I want to have 6 GB memory. Will this be feasible? I know the motherboard supports 8 GB memory, but does it support a config of 1 GB, 1 GB, 2 GB, 2 GB?


Also, can I run the Corsair memory at 2.0V?


edit: heh, should I delete the name of the competitor? It's apparently been censored.

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I would not suggest mixing memory on any system for best performance. With that being said, yes you can try it and yes it might work but then it might not work either there is no way to know for sure. Just have to try it. And up to a max of 2.1 Volts for any of our DDR2 modules.
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I really doubt they will give you any different of an answer, but let me know what they say.


Sure thing.


Even if they say the same thing, I may just purchase the memory since it is so cheap (komplett.no has a special on the Corsair set I mentioned). :D

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I received an answer from ASUS tech support:


Dear customer


Im afraid that this will not work on this motherboard.


best regards

ASUS TMSS support.


Sad, I guess I will buy a 4 GB set and just try and if it doesn't work, I will take the 2 GB out and have it ready if I need emergency RAM.

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