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Cant Go Past 200fsb

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Can't Go Past 200 Fsb!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Someone PLEASE help me.... WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? I currently have my CPU Overclocked and if you look at the bottom you will see my signature specs. I have the Barton CPU and I suspect that it is unlocked speaking I can ocerclock it to the 3200+(200*11) and also the 2800+(166*12.5). Now is my CPU really unclocked? I originally had it running @ the 2800+ level for a while until someone told me to push it to its limits. So I decided to change it to the 3200+ level. Now I am currently 100% stable with my Ram setting at 6-3-3-2.5. I am cool at these settings because ran Memtest86 (test 5) and its ok. I am currently running my 2500+ o/c'd at 3200+ level (200*11). I have ran Prime95 for many hours with no problem so I know I am 100% stable. Yeah by the way I am at a 1.7v in the V-core by the way...anything less than that gave me errors on Prime95. I also have a CPU die temp of 52C at full load and 40-43C idle. ..are these temps good? Now I wanted to get up past 200FSB and I tested the ram at various setting over 200FSB and it checks out to be ok. But when I boot into windows and run Prime95 I get 1 error that halts the comp within the first minute. I have tried to go to the boards max v-core to 1.8v and it does the same thing at even 205FSB. What can be the problem ....Is there no other way I can get faster speeds than 2205MHz out of this Barton? Does anyone know of any bartons going past the 3200+ speeds. Read my spec at the bottom and let me know what you think. CAN IT BE MY BOARD BECAUSE I THINK I MAY NEED MORE JUICE? 1.8v May be too low.... I am new so please bare with me ...BUT I AM NOT SLOW EITHER I know somewhat about the overclocking so you dont need to be too elementary with me. Thanks NOTORIOUZ
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