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mixing versions?


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I've had problem with my computer, crashes when gaming, computer not shutting down (fans and hdd keep on going), computer not booting (where fans start for a few seconds and then shutdown and then this just loop).


I have a total of 4 sticks => 4GB and use timings 5-5-5-12, 2t and 1.9V. Today I saw that they weren't the same version. Two of them had one version and the others had a different one. I bought them all at the same time and I have no idea why I did not get the same. So if I run a memtest on each stick I cant exclude that there is something wrong with the memory since they're different versions even if I get no errors?


I also have been running them at 800MHz but I read that you recommend going for 667MHZ so I will try that once I get home!

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