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Memtest86 - Faulty RAM?


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Hi there!


Occasionally when I open event viewer in Vista Home Premium to make sure my new build system (about 1 month old now!) is working ok, I notice 2 errors always occurring when the computer is first booted. One is an http ssl error that I have been unable to identify - the other is variations on the following memory error:


Machine Check Event reported is a fatal memory hierarchy error.

Trasaction Type: 2

Memory Hierarchy Level: 2

Request Type: 0

Address: 2145688580


So, to be safe I downloaded memtest86 to a CD and booted from it to test out my RAM, leaving it running overnight. This morning, the following errors had occurred after about 30 passes:


Tst Pass Failing Address Good Bad Err-Bits Count Chan

5 9 0006cb356f0 1739.3MB 00010000 00000000 00010000 1

5 9 0006db356d0 1755.3MB 00010000 00000000 00010000 1

7 19 0000a0920ec 160.1MB cde8a2b5 cdc8a2b5 00200000 1

7 24 000619dc0ec 1561.7MB afe44594 9fc44594 00200000 1


I should add that I have had no obvious issues or problems in Windows aside from the Crysis demo crashing once. My wifi-ap driver had some issues but I managed to resolve those myself by completely removing it, then reinstalling it, so I suspect that was because of a driver conflict.


My RAM is the TwinX 2GB DDR2 8500D matched pair (2 x 1GB), and my mobo is the Asus P5K Premium Wi-fi AP. The motherboard used default settings for my RAM - I haven't checked those but since this RAM is supposed to be high quality and overclockable, I wouldn't have thought the default settings would stress it too much!?


So, are these errors acceptable, or should I get an RMA and return the RAM? Alternatively, is there any further testing I should do beforehand? Many thanks :)

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hi wired, thanks for the advice! i'll use those settings and try running memtest overnight again to see what happens - i must admit after having browsed this forum, it seems that having higher voltage settings fixes many peoples problems! just one more thing if i may - is it worth setting the speed to 1066mhz, or should i leave it at 800mhz? many thanks.
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Along with Wired's settings, I would suggest testing at 1066MHz. Also make sure to test the modules one at a time. If both modules fail individually there may be some other issue, however if one fails and the other passes, then we will want to get them both replaced for you.
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Thanks for the advice folks. I think using those settings may have worked - I set the RAM at 1064MHz, and manually set the timings to 5-5-5-15, 2T, at 2.0V - I figured I'd try the higher speed first and use a slightly more conservative voltage just in case I could get away with it.


After leaving the PC running memtest overnight, it managed 20 passes over 7 hours with no errors. I've left it running today whilst I'm at work so I can be absolutely sure the new settings are stable, but it looks good so far. I'll post a new reply tonight with the end results.


Thanks again!

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Just to confirm, after getting back from work this evening memtest had been running for around 18 hours/60 passes with no errors. I think I can assume that means the new settings have definitely worked! Thanks again for all your help.
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