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Bad ram? CMX512's?


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Hi I have 2 sticks, that were working, but don't seem to work now.

I went to add some more memory to my computer but it didn't work.

So then I took the ram out, and tested each stick, and neither of them seemed to post.

I had tried to set the bios to defaults before then boot but nothing.

They are CMX512-3200-C2 (XMS3205x1.2)

and CMX512-3200LL (XMS3202v1.1)

They used to work fine in my server I had, but they don't seem to work anymore.

Any help?

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Oh does it matter if one stick is from a TWIN-X Pack? CMX512-3200-C2 (XMS3205x1.2)

Long story short I lent a stick from a Twin-X to a friend, and we some how lost the stick of ram, we think it was thrown out, since it was in a small box, that was thought to be garbage, so I went out and bought the other 512MB Stick CMX512-3200LL (XMS3202v1.1)

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