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PC 3200c2 wont play nice with other RAM


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OK, I've been calling customer support for almost 72 hours now and have yet to get a person. They are apparently closed on weekends, I was left to guess as the recording simply said they were open 9-5 but didn't say what days. Now it's 11:30 EST Monday morning and the recording just says no one is available.


Anyway, my DDR refuses to work in 2/3 boards I've tried it in and flatly refuses to POST alongside ANY OTHER RAM. I've tried using it with PC-2700, other PC-3200, I've tried setting the latency settings looser (CAS 3) and no POST except when used with an Asus K8V and the DIMM is by itself. Intel 845 based board beeps like it has no memory and so does a Soyo CK8. I've tried multiple slots and I've even raised the voltage a bit before installing.


This RAM works perfectly in the Asus K8V even when overclocked, but, at the risk of repeating myself, it works ONLY in that board and ONLY by itself.


512MB stick of ultra low latency DDR-400 XMS w/ black heat spreader labeled:




My original solution was to just buy another identical stick and run them both in my K8V but the only place I found selling this exact DIMM wants $160 + shipping. I hate to throw this RAM away, but presently, it's about as useful as a paperweight.


Here's hoping Corsair forum support is better than the phone support.

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I guess the phone guys just got a late start today, turns out my ram was ECC/registered and that's where my problems came from. 3 years I've been having those problems and I thought it was just really picky RAM. Anyway, customer service is going to help me out.


Thanks Corsair

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Our hours are from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Pacific time Monday through Friday excluding holidays. And I will look at the after hours phone message in the coming week or so as we will change the phone system this week.
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