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Voyager 8GB slow


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I'm using a 8GB Flash Voyager (not GT) and it seems to be slow while reading/writing.

I copied a 673 MB file getting the following speeds:

write: ~2.8 MB/s (copied in 4 min)

reading: ~11.2 MB/s (copied in 1 min)


Testing the drive with HD Tune I get:

for 512 byte files:

0.9 MB/s Transfer Rate

for 8MB files: 22.1 MB/s


I tested it under Windows Vista - the filesystem of the stick is NTFS with 4kb cluster size.

Are these speeds normal? For me it looks as if the drive is too slow.

I never get the normal speed of ~10MB/s as mentioned here:


Must the drive be replaced?

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Hi, just wondered if I could also ask for some guidance regarding this please (newbie here so bear with me)


I've recently bought one of these and I'm a bit concerned that something's amiss. I tried to copy a file of 360mb to my (non GT) 8gb voyager and it took over six and a half minutes. Also, when copying files over, my entire system goes sluggish with mouse movement skipping. I'm using USB2 cards.


I used HD Tach which told me I had a read speed of 14.9mb if that's of any help.


Cheers and thanks for any comments

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