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Asus M2N SLI Plus Vista Edition vs. 4x1GB XMS2 6400 Sticks


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So I've got my 2 Gigs of ram I've been running in my Asus M2N SLI Plus Vista Edition for about six months.


I'm running Windows Vista 32 Home Premium. Yuck.


I ordered another 2 gigs of RAM from the same place, no problem.


I've got one extra gig making my total 3 gigs installed no problem.


The problem occurs when I install the 4th stick. I've tried both changing the stick on the 3 gig boot and changing the slot on the 3 gig boot. No problems either way.


When I boot with 4 gigs, I get about 1/2 a second into the windows vista loading screen then I see a quick flash of a BSOD and then the system reboots itself.


I've tried clocking the memory down to 667 MHZ. No joy.


I've read that you can up the memory voltage to 2.1 volts. Apparently my motherboard didn't get that memo, as the highest I can get to is 1.95 volts. No joy with this either.


I've tried 667 MHZ at 1.95 volts. Still no joy.


I know my mobo can support up to 8 gigs of ram, but I cannot seem to figure out how to get my mobo to do it.


All recent VISTA updates are installed.


I also read somewhere that Vid card drivers could be the problem. This is the only thing I have not done yet.


Does anyone else have any suggestions so I can get all the memory I paid for into my case?


Help would be greatly appreciated.





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you need 64bit Vista to use all 4gig just like xp. 32bit hardware and OS can only address so much ram hence why the move to 64bit else we really wouldnt be in such a hurry for it at all. You need BOTH the 64bit cpu and the 64bit OS.



Sucks, eh? As you probably read in this post, the “4GB” maximum memory limit of 32-bit Windows is purely theoretical. In practice, the max memory is something significantly less, equal to 4GB minus your video card memory and the address space allocated to a couple other hardware resourcse. Typically, the realistic maximum memory is somewhere betwee 2.5GB and 3.5GB.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are discovering this AFTER they pay for 4GB of RAM. For the record, this limitation has always been there, including in Windows XP and earlier versions of Windows. However, nowadays, more computer hardware is designed to support 4GB or more of RAM, and memory is getting cheap enough that more people can afford the full 4GB.

To answer your question, “does it have any effect on the OS or at the hardware layer to run in this configuration?”: It has no effect whatsoev

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