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Want to Add Aditional Memory


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I have a VS1GBKIT400 ( 2x512 )


I need a 1GB Memory Stick of single sided memory ie. 1/2 of a 2GB Kit.


My MoBoard is a Albatron KX600 Pro and is dual channel, However it

only has 3 slots and will NOT work in Vista without errors using a double sided

stick such as a VS1GB400C3/EU G.


Do Not wish to buy a 2 GB Kit of Dual Channel as this will probley be last

time I ever would need PC3200 again.


How can I get 1GB Single Sided Ram ??


Thanks to all and


Best Regards,

John L. aka Dealer

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That MB will not see single sided 1 Gig modules and I don't know that any one is making them. Sorry.


Before your reply..


I found out yesterday that what you say is accurate after I visited my retail outlet...


Do you have a opinion as if the double sided 2 gig kit, (2x1*gig) might work with this board, as it is supposed to support up to 3 gig.


No doubt in my mind its a Vista issue and not Memory or Motherboard.


I should just be happy with the 1 gig since it is playing well now after untold attemps at this, and go on down the road.


I am sure that you know how some people are however ;):



Best Regards,


John aka.Dealer

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I would suggest just waiting till you are ready to update to a New MB and get new memory then. But our VS1GB333 modules should run great in that MB.


You are making me Think Now:idea:


Why did he recommend the Vs1GB333 modules when I have PC 3200 and they are PC2700 ??


I stated before that they sold me VS1GB400C double sided module and it

would not work...


Looking closer in products I think (whew) that aaaa I see why he made that

recomendation !!


Its in the timing as there are no 1GB module in PC3200 with timing thats

correct for this board and that is 2.5 3 3 8


If I use what you suggest then I will in effect drop from 400 to 333, really

not much of a hit.


I never even thought of timing changes in the CMOS...


Did I get this right ? Am I thinking correct or in left field.


New Hardware is the order of the day for anyone wanting to run Vista

and will agree 100 % on that .


Thanks again, John

...aka Dealer

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  • Corsair Employees

When you install 2 modules on this MB it will down clock the memory to DDR333 and they would run the best at DDR333 at Cas 2.5-3-3-7 is why I suggested then and one of the reasons I suggested waiting till you update the MB. DDR1 is more expensive then DDR2 and you can get more memory for about the same price with DDR2. But you would need to upgrade the MB CPU and Video Card toi do this.

This chipset will see double sided modules at 1.0 Gig just it will down clock the speed is the only issue like with many MB's when they are loaded with memory. Even DDR2 MB's will have some of the same limitations but it will be slightly different with a dual channel MB.

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