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question about 3700 corsair ram & 1:1 ratio

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I have 1 gig corsair twinx 3700 ram and a intel p4 3.0 proc. now I cant seem to get to a 233 fsb and be stable, but I can get to around 229- 230. now my question is with that fsb will i be running in a 1:1 ratio. Basically with my max fsb at 230 whats the highest that it can be and still run in a 1:1 ratio. I dont want to have to go down to 217, but I will if I have to. IT says im running at 400mhz dual channel , but im not sure if it isnt being forced to another ratio. Also I was wandering if the voltage could be an issue. I raised it as high as 1.675 but still had crashes at 231-233 fsb. I heard that going over 1.7 was bad. Im using air cooling and the highest temps ive seen using the asus probe is around 40c-45c after gaming. normal temp is around 30c-33c. I havnt tried all of the voltage settings at the various fsb settings so any info would be appreciated.. specs: p4 3.0 oc 3.436 229fsb current voltage 1.625 1 gig twinx 3700 3,4,4,8,4 voltage 2.75 asus p4c800-e delux 256mb ati 9800 pro oc 2x wd SATA raptors raid 0 sb audigy 2 platinum Thanks in advance, -Richard
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