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Hi everybody,


today I bought a Corsair vx450w for my rig and I just wanted to share my experience with this psu, because people normally posting on these boards are those who are having issue, but those who are happy do not usually leave their feedback.


First of all, as I unpacked it, I was astonished by the quality and the attention to detail that Corsair put in it. Really, I was not expecting this much.


However, the main reason behind my purchase was the low level of noise of the psu and I can say this unit is dead silent. I am a really really satisfied customer, now I can start hearing a lot of new sounds, like those of my cpu cooler and case-exhaust fan! Not to mention the funny noise of my hard disks. :p:


Joking aside, great job Corsair, I'm going to recommend your products to my friends !

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