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Flash Voyager intermittant error


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I have a Flash Voyager 16GB USB 2.0 drive. I have recently begun to have issues with it. Usually when I plug it in to a USB port, the light at the opposite end of the drive from the USB plug flashes for a few seconds, then I get a notice that a new USB device has been discovered.


Recently, the light will only flash briefly, then I get a message stating that a SB device was not reognized or is not functioning properly. This happens about half the time I plug the drive in. Also, the drive will intermittantly drop its status as a recognized drive after being plugged in for awhile, sometimes in the middle of a file transfer. I have had this drive for less than a year, and can observe this behavior on multiple machines.


Is this a warranty issue? Is this something others have reported with this drive?





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