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Adding another block - easiest way to do it?


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Like the subject suggests, what is the easiest way to add another block - do you have to drain the whole system before you do it?


Up until now I've been running the system with the CPU block coming with the Nautilus and also a waterblock for the Northbridge but now I finally got my hands on a waterblock compatible with my eVGA 8800 GT graphics card that I'm about to install and I'm not quite sure how to do this in the best possible way?


Currently the tubes go like this:




And what I would like now is:


Nautilus->CPU->Northbridge->Graphics card->Nautilus


Thanks in advance for any tips!



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Now when I read your reply everything is already hooked up and connected and works just fine with GOOD temps, my CPU is still at approx 30 C at idle and 55 C at full load just like before I added the GPU to the water cooling system and the temp on the GPU was decreased by approx 10 C so I'm more than happy :biggrin:


And all this is when running my Q6600 @ 3.6 GHz and my graphics card at it's original core=700 MHz and memory=2 GHz so now it's time to have some fun with this rig!!


I can see why you would like to have the northbridge like the last thing in the chain but in my case running at 400 MHz FSB my northbridge was VERY hot before installing the Nautilus so I don't think it really matters which one comes first in my case.


Thanks anyway for your reply!

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