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8gb voyager not booting?


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I purchased an 8gb voyager drive with the intention of slapping a bootable OS on it and partitioning off the rest for storage of app's and other tools i use.


thus far using the hp boot utility and a number of different apps and tutorials i have been unable to get this stick to boot (and yes i have set my pc to boot from usb, as i have done with my laptop which boots a dell 256mb stick just fine)


is there a specific utility that can be used with the 8gb versions or does anyone know a surefire way to setup an OS on this using PEbuilder, i keep getting errors during the usb build process


currently im waiting on acronis disk director to download so i can split the partition on the drive in 2 and see if that helps but i doubt it will

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ok, so ive tried acronis, and splitting the partition which creates a few errors.

so i tried creating a 2gb partition and a 5gb partition, after which i get the following error when trying to assign a drive mapping to the partition (yes ive rebooted :biggrin:)


the operation did not complete because the partition or volume is not enabled to enable the partition or volume, please restart the pc


ive tried enabling / modifying the partition but keep getting the same error... anyone know how i can basically partition the flash stick as two drives, one bootable and one for storage?

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